Monday, January 26, 2009

New New New Nouveau.

Thank you for visiting my new blog via my new website!

This is the page where I shall write sweet nothings for you.

I am better at writing personal letters than announcements and proclamations. Although I will fill you in on fun happenings with my music, true newsletters would probably meander and career updates would likely yawn - I don't sell things like that with much plume and zeal. If you would like a snapshot into my little world though, this is the place for you...
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Merci pour visiter mon nouveau blog, par mon nouveau site!

Ceci j'ecrirai les "quoi des neufs" , des clin-d'oeils , et les petites chuchotes .

C'est mieux pour moi si j'ecris une lettre que des annonces ... mais voila , et j'essaye en francais pour tous mes amis a Paris qui j'adore . En plus , je vous permets de rire à mon français ...

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