Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kensington Market

If you visit Toronto, you will want to go to Kensington Market.

- Get caffeinated at iDeal Coffee (84 Nassau), or Louie's on the corner of Baldwin and Augusta. I call it Grumpy Louie's - but he makes magic coffee.

- Go shopping at Model Citizen (279 Augusta), the amazing clothing/accessories store for both women and men, owned/operated by my friends Julian and Georgia.

- Down a burrito at Big Fat Burrito (285 Augusta Ave). Get #2 spicy.

- Buy soy milk, sprouts and Ezekiel bread at Essence of Life Healthfood Store (50 Kensington Ave)

- Take out cash at the TD bank machine (kensington Ave at St. Andrew)

- Purchase dried burdock, lemon balm and black cohosh at Chinese Herbs on the corner of St. Andrew and Kensington Ave

- Pet/feed/rescue a stray market cat or kitten. (You can volunteer or even adopt from Kensington Market Stray Cat Rescue. 416-596-2331)

- Eat a square of mango cake from Patty King (187 Baldwin St). I cannot guarantee it, but the ladies behind the counter will most likely address you as "sweetie"

- Stock up on tortillas, black beans and chipotle peppers at Casa Acoreana (235 Augusta Ave)

And, click here to visit the Kensington Market website for more info and photos, etc. Since you will inevitably bump into someone you know (even if visiting Toronto for the first time, it seems to be the way), perhaps I will see you there.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Where the cement met beauty,
a story flung itself out a window.
Furious and broken both,
There were shards of this and that - raw and fast -
blanketing the shock of is.

Awhile later, in a numbed café
important pieces got dropped.
Left to rot, then, on dusty floors;
no sweeping nor wiping nor shuffling away -
only a faded capture of once.

It was in this place:
the chairs, the stars -
where days turned to ever
(good-bye lovers),
a just was sought
but then never delivered.

And so it was thus,
That not became was.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New York

I wrote a song a long time ago called "New York". I was living in a small attic apartment in Brooklyn Heights where I looked after two cats, learned the definition of shabby chic, and discovered The Moosewood Cookbook.

I wrote this song the afternoon after the Macy's Day Parade.

You think it might have been a miracle
America is floating down 5th Avenue
she looks at you with snowflakes on her eyelashes
all you can do is shake your head in wonderment
and wonder who you were before you breathed the fumes
of autumn leaves discarded on the avenues of New York.

The stars are getting brighter over Brooklyn now
a hooker wishes on Orion anyhow
the windowed homes are orange and red with yellowed glow
and you wish you could stop from feeling so alone
you search for his brown eyes every time you turn around
and you make a wish on every penny on the ground in New York.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I Love Rock'n' Roll. And, manatees.

I was thinking about it earlier, and although I really love dogs (I have the sweetest dog, named Moose):

I must say that my favorite animal these days is a manatee. Just look at these two manatees here. Aren't they perfectly darling? Wouldn't you be perfectly pleased to be swimming along in the sea one day, and bump into a manatee?

I certainly would.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fall On Your Knees.

Thursday night:
I am playing at The Drake Hotel, for their lovely 5th Anniversary Party.
I think it might be very-crazy.

Everyone is supposed to arrive dressed as their favorite work of art. I don't have a favorite work of art, but I do have a gold lamé dress. Therefore, I will go dressed as a frame.

I must make sure my dress covers my knees, though. I slipped on some ice yesterday while jogging, and my knees looks like they belong to someone who is six and just fell off their new bike.