Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kensington Market

If you visit Toronto, you will want to go to Kensington Market.

- Get caffeinated at iDeal Coffee (84 Nassau), or Louie's on the corner of Baldwin and Augusta. I call it Grumpy Louie's - but he makes magic coffee.

- Go shopping at Model Citizen (279 Augusta), the amazing clothing/accessories store for both women and men, owned/operated by my friends Julian and Georgia.

- Down a burrito at Big Fat Burrito (285 Augusta Ave). Get #2 spicy.

- Buy soy milk, sprouts and Ezekiel bread at Essence of Life Healthfood Store (50 Kensington Ave)

- Take out cash at the TD bank machine (kensington Ave at St. Andrew)

- Purchase dried burdock, lemon balm and black cohosh at Chinese Herbs on the corner of St. Andrew and Kensington Ave

- Pet/feed/rescue a stray market cat or kitten. (You can volunteer or even adopt from Kensington Market Stray Cat Rescue. 416-596-2331)

- Eat a square of mango cake from Patty King (187 Baldwin St). I cannot guarantee it, but the ladies behind the counter will most likely address you as "sweetie"

- Stock up on tortillas, black beans and chipotle peppers at Casa Acoreana (235 Augusta Ave)

And, click here to visit the Kensington Market website for more info and photos, etc. Since you will inevitably bump into someone you know (even if visiting Toronto for the first time, it seems to be the way), perhaps I will see you there.

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  1. Hey we wandered through Kensington together a long time ago. That's a pretty darned good list...especially that caribbean that used clothing store still there?