Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Our first proper show in Toronto in a very. long. time.

Things feel different. The show changed while I lived in Paris; my performances just sort of naturally took a different shape with the musicians I played with there and the audiences we played for... as well as the impact of my experience of simply living in Paris. I felt quieter, more grounded, less rambunctious - my desire to "put up a show" lessened as my desire to simply play escalated. Probably there is more joy in my concerts now than before because of this? Hmmm.

Anyhoo, we shall play in the back room of The Cameron House in Toronto on Thursday May 14. Our darling friend Donovan Woods is our special guest. He is one of my most favorite songwriters in Canada at the moment, you must promise not to miss him.

So, there will be more details soon. This is just the first announcement - Myspace, Facebook, etc updates coming in awhile...although this is mainly a show for our friends...


  1. This is very, very good news. I have entirely cleared my schedule.