Friday, May 22, 2009

The Book Of Judith

Last night I went with one of my oldest friends Dmitry to see a play by Michael Rubenfeld, The Book Of Judith.

So, I'm no theatre critic (or any kind of valid critic), but I did want to spread the word about this play.

I had no idea what the show was about going in, except that our friend from theatre school, Alex Bulmer, traveled from the UK to perform in it, and aside from supporting Michael (whom we both know), we were also thrilled to be seeing Alex again.

I cannot tell you the plot of the show, because if you do go then you should enter as I did, knowing nothing about it.

I will say that the play takes place in a large tent, on the grounds of CAMH in Toronto, the street noise corresponding with the intensity of the script. Michael Rubenfeld is the show's leader/storyteller - he plays himself: a brave performance where he channels both his inner P.T. Barnum and Little Prince. The play's subject matter raised personal questions for me around the depth of exploration, as well as whether exploitation and passion can exist without each other.

Such a moving and provocative piece of theatre really shouldn't be missed; I can't imagine anyone walking away from the grounds of CAMH not feeling both altered and uplifted by the show.

The Book Of Judith runs in Toronto until May 31.

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