Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer Vacation ... Autumn Vacation ... Winter Vacation

I am writing a lot these days. And, practicing a lot - playing the piano endlessly, dutifully fingering scales and arpeggios, whipping through sonatinas and meandering through sonatas and variations. Nothing gives more strength of conviction for me than playing the dear old piano.

That being said, aside from a few private events in the next month or so, we are taking un petit break from playing live. I plan to record by next spring... mostly the songs I wrote while living in Paris. Songs like "Rosemary's Cerise Valise", "Blue Shoes" and "Lonely Prince". Also, older songs that found their juice again like "Angie, Say A Prayer", "The First Initial Sting" and "Toujours Tres Doux". Then there will be the songs no one has really heard. And of course, songs I have not yet written.

I shall keep up my blog between sonatinas...

"Oh be true:
I'll stick to you
like your best friend's shoes;
I don't know what I would do without you,
my Red Delicious apple tree..." - from "Little Marie"

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