Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pop-Up Concert Number Three

This Pop-Up Concert was an entirely different experience altogether! At Hazelton Lanes we got booted out. At Loblaws we could have been dancing around in gorilla suits for all they cared. But we found a delighted and appreciative audience at Indigo (the downtown Toronto location).

As usual, we asked beforehand that our invited supporters use utmost discretion at our Pop-Up location (not asking staff when/where the concert is, not hanging around the piano expectantly before we get there, etc). One of the nicest memories of this particular Pop-Up is seeing people emerge from the various rows of books, escalators and entrances as we started playing. It was so lovely.

We were even on Global News, la di da!

Below, the clip from our performance. It runs just over 5 minutes. Enjoy.

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