Wednesday, November 17, 2010


We have moved into a new home. Where I was living before was the second floor of an old Victorian house, and while it was charming and adorable, there are many reasons why it was such a relief to move: from a heinous downstairs neighbour to the fact that it was getting fairly squished in there with our new baby and all accoutrements. It was the apartment I hurriedly agreed to take when I returned to Toronto from Paris, a time when I knew nothing about what was coming next. The place served a purpose and I was grateful for such a pretty apartment, but suffice to say that I absolutely love our new home and community.

One of the great things about our new place is the basement. It is not very good-looking quite yet, but it soon will be. Down there will be a small studio for me to start my work again. Most of the songs I have been writing lately are of the children's variety of course, singing to my little daughter who claps wildly after each one and warbles along in her wordless, tuneless, lovely way. It's funny because so much has changed since the last time I came back from Paris - I now have a family. It has affected my songwriting, my singing voice, and how I want to share music with people who want to listen.

I like that the new studio will be in the basement, as I feel like I am starting something new, from the bottom, the ground floor.

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