Friday, February 11, 2011

Housing Stray Cats

In the dead of last night we heard the saddest cries coming from the front porch - looked out and saw a little black and white feral cat all by himself, clearly freezing. I tried to let him in a few times; he would perk up and check me out for a moment, but in the end he would be too afraid and run off, only to return again a short while later to resume crying on the porch.

I have never lived anywhere with so many stray cats around the neighbourhood, and so I have decided to build a little shelter for them. This site has excellent instructions on how to do that, basically cutting a hole in a lined rubbermaid bin and filling it with straw. We will put out dry kitten food as well, which I read was the best thing for ferals as it has so much protein - although none of the strays around our house seem particularly undernourished, I must admit. They are either solely responsible for keeping the mice population firmly under control...or perhaps neighbours are feeding them? There are about seven strays that linger around our house (keeping their distance of course) so I am hoping to keep at least one or two of them warm and happy... and everyone can have a good night's sleep.

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